Instantly see more in the market!

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Get Powerful Charting with the Zanger Volume Ratio (ZVR)

See true supply and demand visually.

Great IQXP tool

Hear real-time buy and sell programs using IQXP Sounds of the Market.

Real time ZVR Quote screen

Sort your quotes and focus on the best stocks without wasting any time.

Powerful Charting

Use hundreds of indicators.

Real-Time Custom Alerts

Set alerts on trendlines or your conditions.

Real-Time Scanning

Scan using any indicator or formula.

Trade with Multiple Brokers

Use Chartpattern Trader to manage trades with multiple brokers.

Use our Advanced Hotkeys!

Use our quick entry system to manage your trades with some of the most advanced trading tools in the market.

Risk vs Reward Chart Tools

Manage your risk and trading plan directly on the chart.

Real-Time Depth of Market

Watch order flow on the DOM

Options Risk Analyzer

See your options trading for your stocks.

Trade on the Chart

Place your trades directly on the chart.

Misc Features You will Love!

These are some of the misc features that you will absolutely love.

Candle Pattern Detection

Detect most candle patterns in real-time.

Custom Paintbars

Use custom formulas to instantly spot your highlighted conditions.

Use Multiple Monitors

Place charts, quotes, and other tools on all of your monitors.

See Options on your Charts

View Calls & Puts on your charts.

Install in your pc

Our program can be installed in almost all windows os versions 7,8,10 & 11.